Antoine Rotelli is a gangster who attends a meeting held by the Joker, formerly Jack Napier. In the meeting, the Joker "explains" to Rotelli and the other gangsters that Carl Grissom has turned over his criminal empire to him, casually omitting the part where he ruthlessly gunned Grissom down in his office the previous evening.

Rotelli is the only gangster at the table who refuses to accept the Joker as their new leader. The Joker shrugs and walks over to Rotelli, explaining that if that's the case they can merely shake hands and part as friends, offering his hand to Rotelli. Rotelli accepts, not noticing that the Joker has a joy-buzzer ring. This one proves to be deadly, as Rotelli immediately gets electrocuted. "Oooh, I got a live one, here!" the Joker quips. The other gangsters look in horror whilst Rotelli fries, and as the smell of charred flesh descends on the room, the Joker sings, "There'll be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight."

Ultimately, Rotelli is reduced to a burned black skeleton. The Joker then explains to the other gangsters, while fanning the smoke pouring off of Rotelli, "Antoine got a little hot under the collar!"

Vinnie Ricorso, another gangster, tells the cackling Joker that he's crazy. To which the Joker replies, "Haven't you ever heard of the healing power of laughter?"