Anders, one of Colonel Jorgensen's men, is a burly soldier fond of Rambo muscle shirts, mirrored sunglasses, and porn star mustaches. He becomes the third casualty of the climactic battle between the mercenaries and the Zambouli tribe.

Despite being one of the only three soldiers who actually has a name, Anders' demise is treated as an afterthought: when the Zamboulis begin to roll huge rocks down onto the convoy from a hilltop above, we focus on Colonel Jorgensen as he runs for shelter behind the convoy's armored car.

During the tracking shot of Jorgensen going from Point A to Point B, we see Anders, in the foreground, being struck by one of the big rocks and "crushed" against a tree trunk.

What makes this brief and otherwise overlooked death worthwhile is the fact that the actor visibly catches the rock and hugs it to himself as he simulates being "crushed" by a piece of Styrofoam.