The race is on to get away from the Nazis now that our heroes have the list of German spies in England. Driving a huge bus fitted with a snowplow, the gang blasts and explodes their way through scores of expendable Nazi troops, before arriving at a nearby airfield.

No one there is aware of what's been going on at the Schloss Adler because Smith used the bus' handy plow to knock down some telephone poles en route, preventing the Nazis at the castle from alerting the airfield. In the meantime, the officer in charge gets a distress call from an approaching German cargo plane, which he allows to land for repairs. Little does he know that not only isn't there anything wrong with the plane, it's being flown by British pilot Carpenter.

Just as Carpenter lands, the bus carrying Smith and Schaffer's group crashes through the front gate. Shooting their way through every guard in sight, they make a beeline for Carpenter's waiting aircraft, Smith making a point to sideswipe and cripple all of the parked German fighter planes so they can't follow them once they take off. The officer in charge gets on the radio and attempts to call for help. Unsurprisingly, he gets no response.

Despite this, Smith shouts at Schaffer and Mary, "Get the control tower!"

They turn their MP40's on the largely unprotected tower and blast away. Displaying supremely amazing marksmanship skills, Schaffer manages to hit the unfortunate officer and kill him, relieving him of the burden of trying to figure out why he can't reach anyone.