Admiral Ozzel, the commander of the Imperial fleet under Sith Lord Darth Vader, makes a small calculation error bringing the fleet out of hyperspace too close to the system the rebels are hiding on.


Admiral Ozzel, the poster child for incompetent henchmen everywhere.

This inadvertently alerts the Rebels of the Imperial presence. When Vader demands an explanation, General Veers tells him that, "He felt surprise was wiser."


Vader has one rockin' man cave.

Vader is having none of this though and tells Veers that Ozzel "is as clumsy as he is stupid", before turning and activating a view screen, which connects him with the bridge.


Vader decides to reach out and strangle someone.

Admiral Ozzel appears onscreen with his subordinate, Captain Piett. Ozzel, completely oblivious to the monumental blunder he has just made, and begins updating Vader, only to be cut off by a strange tightness gripping his throat.


Ozzel begins feeling a little strange.

"You have failed me for the last time, Admiral," Vader tells him as Ozzel chokes, staggering backwards as his windpipe is slowly crushed with the power of the Dark Side.


Ozzel tries to save himself by performing opera, but it's too late.

Ozzel does manage to live long enough to hear Vader promoting Captain Piett into his position before he finally collapses to the floor with a loud gasp, dead.